Back for a Bit

Okay... I know, my blog sucks lately.... I have been with/ without a computer for almost a year now, and truth be told, I don't miss it that much! I get a lot more done and waste A LOT less time. However the one thing that does make me sad is that my blog is not up to date. I feel like I am going to forget all the funny things the girls did and Jacobs milestones because they are not written down.

Claire started preschool in January. It is the cutest program, and one of the best centers in Grande Prairie. It is at the gymnastics center, It's 2 1/2 hours long two days a week, and for 45min each time they are doing fun gymnastics, so she gets lots of excercise. Lately she cries before she goes, but only because she nows she is going to be sooo tired at the end of it. She comes home and is a lump on the couch for the rest of the day which equals a HAPPY MOM. In the beginning I was packing her water bottles, because she was so thirsty, and then one day she said " Oh mom, you don't have to pack me water because they have water mountains (fountains) for me that I can use". I honestly love her. She is to dang sweet! OH... except that for all her sweetness, she can change in a heartbeat and turn into the craziest kid EVER. I was warned of four year old girls, and just shrugged it off, thinking Claire would always remain my "placid" Calm little daughter, but NOT SO. She flips a lid for the most random things, and cries over nothing, and the other day she hissed at me for getting upset with her, I laughed because what else was I to do! She told me she was trying to scare me, it didn't work! Hissing aside, she is awesome with Olivia and Jacob and is really starting to grow up! Even though she is growing up, we have decided to keep her back a year in school, so instead of being the youngest she will be the oldest. I am happy we came to a decision, I am excited to let Claire be the leader, more mature one! I hope it gives her a bit of an edge, just to be that bit older! We are so lucky to have that little Claire bear in our home, love her guts!

Olivia has become such a doll lately, I actually have said to Dave that Olivia has been the easiest lately, words that I thought would NEVER come out of my mouth. She Sings, and like Claire has the funniest pronunciation of things. She calls me mama all the time, and loves baby "gacob"! She plays really well on her own, and will go into the basement and color for hours, which Claire would never do! She will finally stay in Nursery, and has the sweetest smile, except for her two dead teeth and wicked overbite, the girls gonna need some serious dental work in a bit! She still loves to be cuddled and if I picked up olivia and packed her around all day she would be in heaven, I wish I could! She sucks her finger a good 23.59 hours a day and at any chance will rub my ear??? She told me the other day " that when I rub your ear it work-es" whatever that means! I dont know, but I do know that I love that girl a ton, and she keeps Dave and I laughing

Jacob, where to begin! He is almost one, which is INSANE! I honestly still feel like he was just born. He still sleeps in our bed, being held by me all night long! I broke down a few weeks ago and hardened my heart, and for an entire week we made him scream and sleep in his own bed, but then he got a little cough and we didn't have the heart to leave him when he was sick! Dave is just as bad though...I dont know where we went wrong with Jacob, but he is soooo spoiled. He smiles ALL the time, and just goes with the flow. He does a funny fake laugh/grunt right now and is big into giving the girls big open mouth kisses. He is Walking as of today, still prefers to crawl but can walk the whole distance of the house, so I figure it's official!!! Only 10 months old and walking, I think he is gonna be a busy boy! I love my little boy so much, I highly recommend boys!

Dave and I... things are awesome! Dave just finished school on December 17th, we are waiting for the official transcripts so he can take his final test (B-pressure) and then hopefully living up north will make more sense! He works a lot, but I guess we have just gotten use to that, it's been this way for a long time. I don't want it to be this way, but I think I have accepted that this is our live for now and I have to make the best of it. I HONESTLY love Grande Prairie, not because of the city because it is uglier than sin and their is nothing to do here, but because of the people. I love my friends, that thought of EVER leaving here makes me sad! We hope to get into a house this year, I can feel it, 2011 is OUR year!