Where has the time gone?

Well, I cannot believe it, but we are almost at the end of 2010! I can honestly say this past year has just been a wonderful blur. I think that days stop passing when Jacob was born in March, then they all blurred together, and each day we somehow did stuff without me realizing time was passing. This year has been great. Dave finishes his last year of welding tomorrow, then he is Journeyman, which we are so excited for. Olivia is finally potty trained and is slowly but surely turning into a happy girl (who would've thought?) Claire turned four in December, starts preschool in January, and still acts about 23 years old! Jacob, well he is Jacob, a joy to have around, and yet to have a really hard day! We love our family!

We are not going anywhere for Christmas, just staying around, enjoying each other! I am so excited to just relax, and I hope maybe we will have a few days of warmth to get out and go sledding or something! Christmas is gonna be fun this year, just to have the chance to be with really good friends and look forward to the new year!


Alex said...

we'll visit, I'll bring cookies

the Goodbrands said...

Wish I could see you. I MISS YOU!