We have been so busy lately...

with what you ask???

Jacob turned ONE!

The cutest little boy in our family had his little birthday on March 16th, we didnt do much just a small family party with pizza and cupcakes! At one years old he is still the best little baby, just full of smiles and giggles. He wanders around the house all day long following the girls and trying to play! He like to eat toliet paper??? but things like that are normal for our family, but he also eats everything else! He only has his two bottom teeth and were praying that some more will make their grand entrance soon!

Dave got his B-Pressure Welding ticket, which is a big deal for us! It was Five years in the making, but somewhere between the 7 moves and 3 kids we managed to finish his apprenticship, and just a few weeks ago he finished his final test and we purchased his welding truck and skid, I should take a picture, but he is getting home to late every night to even take a picture, which is a good thing! YEAH for work!

Claire and Livie are hilarious, I just enrolled claire for more preschool and next week they start an ART & SOUL class, which envolves art through expression, which should be hilarious! I love those ladies!

OH... ME, well I've been busy just being a mom! I Love it, it's all I ever wanted and I know that I am so blessed to have three healthy children to love and laugh with each day! Today in Costco some man was staring at my cart, and he said with a strong redneck accent "they all yours", and I proudly said "yup, there all mine". His eyes bugged out, and I just laughed, They are all mine, and I wouldnt have it any other way!


Kimberlee said...

oh my goodness!!!! hes already ONE!! that is super insane, and even more insane because it means I haven't got to see you for a year, which is super sad!
I really hope soon I get to see you! and finally meet him. He is SOO cute! i love when you post new pictures!

Francis Family said...

I can't believe he is one! He is so dang cute!
I love your experience at the end in Costco because I get that ALL THE TIME! Especially now being pregnant, people think i'm crazy. I love it.

Oh and congrats to Dave! I know how exciting that is! Well I will soon!!

The Thomas Family said...

HEY! Oh my gosh, he's one already?! Time flies... I didn't even see you over Christmas.
I love your story about the guy at Costco--you are so great!!!

jeanne said...

Love looking at your pictures of your children. They are all darling. I think Jacob looks a bit like you. The girls are so darling. I too had a Costco moment 40 years ago. I had my six little children and someone, in horror said "Are they all yours." I said "I hope so I am the one who birthed them!"