we have had a wonderful summer, not to busy....but apparently to busy to post about absolutely anything!

We bought our first house in August, it was the most stressful and unfun thing I had ever done, until we got the keys, and then its been the funnest thing EVER! A mortage payment is yet to come out, so ask me in September if I still love it, just kidding! I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful home that I can call my own, and feel so blessed to have a hard working husband that would work to provide such wonderful stuff for his family. Its at the end of a keyhole cul-se-sac and its full of kids or retired people, so the kids are able to run around and play all day long.... to bad the weather hasnt been as cooperative this summer, and we were unable to spend to much time outside! Hopefully next year is nicer ;)

I celebrated my 26th birthday and 6th wedding anniversary, with a wonderful man, great friends, beautiful flowers, way to many gifts, delicious food and a stupid movie ( planet of the apes) It was fun though, and again I feel so blessed to have the people I do in my life!

Claire starts Kindergarten on Wednesday, she is so excited... I on the other hand am a little anxious! I know she will learn great, I just hope she has the confidence she needs, and that she will have fun and make friends easily, be a leader and make good choices! I guess I am exactly like any other mother out their, now I just have to figure out how to calm my nerves and put on a brave face for the four year old!

Olivia is still our crazy little girl, who is full of smiles or quite the opposite other times! She starts preschool soon, and I think it will be good for her if she decides to embrace it and have fun! Its the same program Claire was in, so they have fun doing gymnastics and running around! It should be good for her!

Jacob is so fun, spoiled rotten and adorably cute right now! Happy and Giggling all the time, running around and teasing the girls or just whining for me to hold him! He is fun though, and I cant wait to see him turn into even more of a little boy, it is so funny to watch the differences between girls and boys!

Im gonna really try and blog more often, life is settling down a bit... I think! So ill work on keeping this more up to date!


Stephanie M Larsen said...

I can't believe Clair is already in Kindergarten. Wow, time flies, right? I feel too busy these days also. I love blogging but, I guess there's a time and a season. :) You look as gorgeous as ever! I don't think your suppose to look so hot when your a mom of three. :)

Stephanie M Larsen said...

P.S. How has she like Kindergarten?