Long time, NO BLOG

Jacob and Me "posing"! Love the little man

YA YA YA... I know, seriously I dont think anyone even reads this junk anymore.... so I have come to terms with that. My life isn't exciting, thats no news flash. HOWEVER, my life is wonderful. I cant believe how good things seem to be right now. I am so content with my three children, but dont get me wrong, I still call my husband on a daily basis begging him to claim there is a "family emergency" and just come home so they kids will stop crying. Dave still works a ton, and I can only have one clean room at a time in my home, but I love that for the first time... I am just happy with where we are!
Check out the kids "OCEAN" in my living room. Love the imagination

I am happy in my home, I am happy in my ward, I am happy in Grande Prairie, I am Happy to have three Healthy Children, Marriage is awesome ( not always easy.. but good) and I just feel like we are in a good grove! I like the "rut" we are stuck in, I am happy to stay here a bit. I feel like posting this is going to jinx something, but we truly feel really blessed right now!

We are going to be leaving the kids for the first time in a month, when we go to Hawaii, I am looking forward to it, but at the same time, just don't even want to wreck our routine of "normalsy". Oh... and I'm scared that they cant comprehend that we are leaving and wont understand that we will be back, and that they will be scared. My poor babies! Anyone with words of advice that may actually read this, please pass them on.


Alysha said...

I'm glad things are going good for you. Have fun in Hawaii. It's more often the patents (aka mom) that has a hard time leaving. The kids do just fine. Just make sure to leave their schedule so they can still have their routine. And a few special treats are always helpful ;)

Jennifer Isackson said...

Yay... I love to read your posts Meag. We are leaving the girls in a week and a half to go to Vegas for 5 days. Our first too. I'm also worried but I know they will be fine with my Mom/sister. I just worry that someone will die while we are apart... maybe don't think about that ;) I was planning to leave a 'detailed' schedule for them to follow. We all know how insane things get if lunch or nap time is even 30 min later than normal. You can always skype too while you are gone. I plan too.

Maureen said...

Now you need to blog about Hawaii. Glad to see that you were back posting.

Heather said...

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