I am gonna start blogging again... WHY? because I am sick of  Facebook and I just want a journal for my family. This seems to be the best way! I could start by saying all the things i've missed but I think I am just gonna skip that for a little while!

     Right now in our home, Dave is in Australia... it happened really quick, he got a job offer that would keep him away for 10 days to 3 weeks, and then he flew their and we are realizing that it may take a bit longer. When Dave is gone it REALLY makes me appreciate all he does. He isn't home all the time, but when Dave is home he makes our home SO much more fun. He plays with the children and has so much fun with them. He dances around our kitchen to loud music and leaves his stuff everywhere, he helps with dishes and bath tubs and laughs at things that I usually get mad at! 
P.S I miss my husband, and if I had to pick again, I would pick him!

   Claire, started Kindergarten AGAIN, and again we are having quite the struggle. Claire is such a timid girl and she is very overwhelmed by school. I can confidently say she has no confidence :( its heartbreaking to leave this little girl screaming for me, and prying her off my sleeves as I walk out the door. I hope one day I can forget what it feels like to worry about her all day long. She is suffering from some anxiety, she is scared with so many kids around her and just wants to be home with me. I wish I could tell her that I want her to just stay with me also, instead I tell her school is fun, and that its where she needs to be! We put her in Taekwon Do to try and boost her confidence (MISTAKE) Instead she cry's so hard she cant breath and I sit in the sticky gym with her as she akwardly turns around every few minutes to make sure I am still there. Man, I wish she were a baby again and I could worry about her nursing schedule instead of all this hard stuff. Aside from that, Claire is LOVELY, she is still such a  helper and such a good sister. She trys really hard to be really good and she can make a mean bed! 

  Olivia, is such a sweetheart right now. I get a kick out of making her say words with "r" cause she cant pronounce it. She is going to be a "flutta fly" ( butterfly) for halloween and she is just so dang cute. She still loves to cuddle, you can scoop her little body up at anytime of the day and she immedietly inserts her finger in her mouth, rubs your ear, closes her eyes and at the moment I cant squish her hard enough. Her skinny little body it so cute, and she has this super long torso and her round little tummy, I love her 4 year old goodness! She is enrolled in Ballet and just like her sister above is suffering from a little case of seperation anxiety. She cried so hard she gave herself a bloody nose and has missed 3 out of the 8 classes because it is just to much for her! Again, breaks my heart, I wish she could have fun at things. She is a great little helper with Jacob too! As soon as Claire is in school, Olivia immediatly takes over the big sister role, it is funny to see, but she is also such a helper, just not as good at making the bed!

This is a little Floral arrangement Olivia make out of a lipgloss lid, I think it is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  Where do I begin with Jacob. He is such a super male, so full of testosterone in such a small little boy. If its a ball he throws it, if its a bike it crashes, it is can cut, break or wreck something he is on it like white on rice. He still loves cuddles and kisses but only behind a closed door. He Adores Dave and I am an alright second when Daves gone ( ill take anything I can get though) He talks non stop and makes big messes.  He sleeps with us all night long and Dave & I are content to let him be our baby for the rest of our lives. I think one day he will get sick of it. 

Me, well lets see, I am great! I think I should be a better mother, like sit and play barbies more and make more awesome forts, it just hit me that one day "they" (the children) are not gonna wanna hang out with me. We make lots of cookies and have dance parties, but I also get caught up in house work and the damn (yup, I swore) phone! I think I need to be more fun. I also have found of LOVE for working out, NOT AN OBSESSION, 'cause that word has been thrown around a bit by some crazies, but I find it helps me to relax a bit! I am thinking of where I am hoping the whole working out thing should take me and I think I need to figure out some legit goals, maybe I will blog about that later and one day if I ever look real good I could post a picture.... for now though, I'll dream. I am really trying to make a better effort though at the whole mom thing. Today I played Helicopter with Jacob and read books in front of the fireplace till I burnt my back! I sat and watched dumb cartoons and cuddled all three of them, I love that they fight over my lap space. We sing Count Your Blessings, and I really hope they know that they are my blessings. I also got mad at Claire for ripping her cute hair out and lost my mind about their pigpen room! So Does the Bad veto the Good? I hope not, I pray they remember some of the good. Goodnight anyone that reads this... or just me!


Callie said...

Meg, I'm so glad you decided to start blogging again! I loved reading this. Sad hearing that about Claire-she seems like such a confident little girl! She is zoo beautiful-all your kids are! really. Livie is precious and Jake seems so funny and such a boy. I hope we get to see you guys at Christmas! Love you!

Suz said...

Loved hearing the update of your life, the good and the bad! You are a great mom and it sounds like your kids adore you. I keep thinking that we need to make a trip up to Grande Prairie considering we're only 3 hours away. Love you

Leslie Ann said...

Your pics are fantastic!
Great update!

Leslie Ann said...
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